Курсы украинского языка для иностранцев. Russian for foreigners.

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Ukrainian for foreigners
Is Ukrainian a foreign language for you?
We are proud to present you our unique language programs in Ukrainian
Once you are working or studying in Ukraine your comfort and job success often depend on Ukrainian language skills and knowledge of Ukrainian culture.
Our customized training programs focus on coaching foreign people living in Kropyvnytskyi to develop strong skills in speaking Ukrainian. Our programs are modern, effective and interesting and we train students not only in the Ukrainian language but also related communication skills while dealing with foreign partners. Our training concept combines high academic standards with everyday communication skills. We are ready to provide a free overall testing, make language groups based on the results of the test and offer the most flexible schedule.
Private Lessons
Some people prefer to take private lessons instead of joining a scheduled class (group). The advantages of private lessons are that the sessions are tailored to the specific needs of the students and they can be useful if the student’s language knowledge is uneven, if a more intensified study programs is needed, or if scheduling is a concern.
The language programs we provide are:
• Spoken Ukrainian
• Intensive Spoken Ukrainian

Please call us at 099-273-41-45, 063-651-35-88, 098-36-772-55 for more information.
We are waiting for you at 14, Shulginyh street, Kropyvnytskyi
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